One of our key strengths is to handle our personnel with care and professionalism while making room for personal development. This ensures that GTE is a company that is recommended and promoted by our own personnel, even to their own family.

Kim Holmegaard Andersen (picture right) is 49 years old and has more than 19 years of experience from the construction and tunnel industry. His son, Mathis Beltoft (picture right), 22 years old, started in his father’s footsteps in 2017. GTE is proud of being the company that was entrusted with this responsibility.

Kim is one of our supervisors and holds a variety of positions, due to his experience. This makes him a valuable expert. Amongst others Kim has covered positions like:

  • Conveyor Belt Maintenance Supervisor
  • TBM Mechanical Foreman
  • Tunnel Foreman
  • TBM Erector Operator
  • NATM / SCL Operator Excavator

Mathis Beltoft, TBM Fitter, has already been travelling the world with us and is developing a versatile set of skills like his father. Our personnel is essential to our business and therefore respect, trust and loyalty is our core. This is why we, with confidence, can promise you that our crew can assist in leading your project to success.

From generation to generation | Global Tunnelling Experts
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