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You are about to enter the GTE family and we would like to welcome you.

When you enter your information and send us your CV, you are well on the way to become a part of our international crew. No matter, if you apply for a certain job or you want to be registered with us for future incoming jobs, you are entered into our database. When you are a member of this database, one of our 35 administrative staff will contact you when a position, requesting your skills, becomes available.

Your information and requests will be visible to all our offices and representations across 8 different countries. This means that you will be offered jobs from around the globe. A job will be offered to you via direct contact from one of our consultants.

When a job is offered, we will take care of all aspect of you employment:

  • Your employment contract is with us, no matter what country you are from.
  • Your salary is paid by us every second week, always on time.
  • All your travels, accommodation, VISA, work permits and logistics are handled by us.

We are aware that extensive travelling can be tough for the family and through our experience and dedication we will do our best to take care of you and your family.,

NOTICE: Be sure to attach your CV in the registration process that makes the job hunting go a lot faster and smoother.


CCTV Control Room Operator

Construction Manager

Conveyor Belt Electrical Supervisor

Conveyor Belt Electrician

Conveyor Belt Fitter

Conveyor Belt Maintenance Supervisor

Conveyor Belt PLC Electrician

Crane Operator

Electrical Engineer

Electrical Superintendent

Electrical Supervisor

Excavator Operator

Forklift Operator

Gantry Crane Operator

Heavy Plant Fitter

Mining Engineer

Plant Supervisor

Project Manager

Security Supervisor

Separation Plant Electrician

Separation Plant Fitter

Separation Plant Operator

Separation Plant PLC Electrician

Separation Plant Supervisor

Site Engineer

Site Manager

Site Operative

Site Supervisor

TBM Batching Plant Operator

TBM Drilling Supervisor

TBM Electrical Foreman

TBM Electrician

TBM Erector Operator

TBM Face Watch Supervisor

TBM Fitter

TBM Foreman

TBM Grouter

TBM Hydraulic Fitter

TBM Loco Driver

TBM Loco Fitter

TBM Loco Supervisor

TBM Mechanical Supervisor

TBM Operator

TBM Operator EPB

TBM Operator Gripper

TBM Operator Hard Rock DS

TBM Operator Microtunneling

TBM Operator Mixed Shield

TBM Operator Multi Mode

TBM Operator Road Header

TBM Operator Slurry

TBM Operator Variable Density

TBM PLC Electrical Supervisor

TBM PLC Electrician

TBM Ringbuilder

TBM Segment Crane Operator

TBM Shift Engineer

TBM Steel Fitter

TBM Superintendent

TBM Supervisor

TBM Vertical Electrician

TBM Vertical Fitter

TBM Vertical Foreman

TBM Vertical Hydraulic Fitter

TBM Vertical Operator

TBM Vertical PLC Electrician

TBM Welder

TBM Welding Supervisor

Tunnel Section Engineer

Tunnel Surveyor

Underground Excavator Driver

Underground Fitter

Welder / Fabricator

Welding Inspector

Welding Supervisor

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